More than just showtime

Two Full Days of Dialog and Information – Tebis Open House, June 10 and 11, 2015


The highlight of this year's Tebis Open House was Tebis Version 4.0. The guests in Martinsried, numbering over 300, were able to see firsthand that the new developments deliver even more than promised by the new updated appearance of the application. But the great atmosphere was not due just to Version 4.0 and the interesting discussions. The entertainment program once again had plenty to offer.

Emphasis on process solutions

More and more organizations are realizing that fast, reliable and automated processes are the key to increased productivity. The visitors at the Tebis Open House were also seeking answers to the question of what levers to apply to improve their processes. They were not disappointed: Tebis bundles the four pillars of Consulting, Software, Implementation and Support in an overall concept with comprehensive process solutions at the focal point. On the software side, the new Version 4.0 is certainly the current high point in this development. This guiding concept was the common theme in the many presentations by Tebis specialists and shaped the dialog at the more than 20 booths. For example, there was special interest in the new small parts process, which guests could experience firsthand – from processing and programming to setup – in our in-house showroom. The extensions for milling strategies were also generally regarded as a major step in the direction of increasing reliability and time savings. Now 2D free-form geometries can be manufactured completely automatically. Full-width machining areas are automatically detected and are processed with trochoidal machining or at reduced feed rate, depending on the situation. 

Engaging presentations drawn from practice

No Open House would be complete without live presentations by Tebis customers, as they deal with completely practical results by working with Tebis on a daily basis.

The presentations were kicked off by Hubert Gstöttl, Group Leader for form design for virtual and clay exterior models, and Stefan Ruscha, a form designer who is responsible for 3D form scanning and Tebis reverse engineering in the BMW Group. In their presentation, "Use of Tebis Reverse Engineering in the BMW Group’s design department," the two specialists vividly showed how the entire outer skin of a vehicle is digitized, modified and reverse-engineered to surfaces in design quality in only 48 hours. By the way, reverse engineering deserves special attention in connection with Version 4.0. Whether for generating design-quality models or quickly mapping repairs on a part in the NC programming, the new product structure gives everyone exactly the right tool for the job. The revised check templates are a special highlight with which 95 percent of problem areas can be detected and automatically repaired.

Ludwig Weiss, General Manager of Dornbusch GmbH, which has relied on Tebis since 1987, discussed the advantages of standardized work methods in his interesting presentation titled "Programming reliably, optimizing run times, manufacturing more effectively." After a process analysis with Tebis Consulting, Dornbusch GmbH decided to store the knowledge of experienced personnel in libraries and templates, thus making them accessible to all. The company is supported by Tebis Implementation. This process is still ongoing – we are excited to see the results.

Completely successful entertainment program

There was an atmosphere of magic for the event – but not because of any smoke and mirrors in the new software version. The software developments are based on a sophisticated and very real concept which is being continually improved upon by Tebis Implementation, Tebis Software, Tebis Consulting and Tebis Support working together and in close collaboration with customers and partners. Instead, it was David Lavé who bewitched his audience before the official stage program with unforgettable magic and outstanding comedy.


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