Powerful 5-axis functions and a clear operating concept


Tebis is continually expanding its product portfolio to improve industry-specific NC programming for various component ranges. 5-axis simultaneous milling is always on the list.

The advantages of drum cutters, often also known as radiused cutters or parabolic cutters, can be fully utilized as of Version 3.5. Dynamic slope angle calculation optimizes contact between the component and the tool.

Tebis has completely revised all 5-axis functions and adapted them to existing structures in Version 4.0. NC programs can be specifically generated for many geometries. This bundles the parameters in a single function to enable convenient and reliable performance of the specific machining task.

The input dialogs are clearly structured: For example, the milling area for machining a component on a rotary table can be determined by simply selecting the guide curves and defining the clamping of any tool axes. Helical paths without stepover movements ensure even better results, especially for complex components.

Get ready. There will be a few new surprises in the next releases of Version 4.0, including for 5-axis simultaneous milling. We'll keep you up to date.


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