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We wish to continue updating you on current Tebis topics this year as well – even after enactment of the new General Data Protection Regulation.
This includes news on our CAD/CAM solutions, helpful tips for working with our software, useful information from the industry, and much more.
How does it work?

DOI notice for TebisWorld newsletter starting May 25, 2018, regarding General Data Protection Regulation
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What's it about?
At the latest as of May 25, 2018, companies like us and like you have to provide proof that the recipient has consented to the contact. Starting from this time, the current GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – enters fully into force. You can provide us with this consent in electronic form by a DOI.

DOI means Double Opt In

What is a "DOI"?
What is known as the "Double Opt-In method“, DOI for short, means the following: The recipient confirms an email, permitting the sender to send information in electronic form.  

Newsletter registration

How does this work in practice?
As an example, once you have registered for a newsletter, you receive a response to the email address you specify. Then you only have to click on the confirmation link in this email. By doing this, you confirm that you are the correct recipient.

DOI has been correctly registered and transferred

That was it.
This consent is stored in our system.  Then you will continue to receive useful information from us, such as tips on how to work with our CAD/CAM Software or on current news about Tebis and the industry.

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