Tebis China posts a record year


When Tebis AG founded a new branch in the Middle Kingdom in 2012, the stated goal was to provide direct local advisory support for its distributors to enable them to respond more quickly to customer needs. Today, more than four years later, this plan has grown to fruition and beyond.

By late 2016, Tebis China is expected to post a revenue increase of more than 30 percent compared with the previous year. China's die and automotive manufacturers need efficient CAD/CAM solutions to meet the large demand and the constantly increasing requirements in the national and international markets. With its intelligent software and comprehensive consulting expertise, Tebis has been able to convince many companies in these industries and acquire them as customers.

Tebis China is responding to this success in terms of both size and staff. The employees will move on January 1, 2017. Although they will remain in the attractive German Centre in the heart of Shanghai, they will have more than twice as much space as before, with a total in excess of 200 square meters. A large, inviting meeting room provides the right atmosphere for interesting and thought-provoking discussions and ensures that visitors feel welcome right from the start.

The size of the staff is also to be increased. Tebis China is planning to hire additional employees. These include customer service representatives, technicians and marketing specialists. "This will help us to better support our customers and interested parties on site and to further expand our presence in the Chinese market," says Gerardo Müller, Director of Channel Sales at Tebis.


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