Tebis Portugal expands and invites visitors to its first Open House


Now with eight employees, Tebis Portugal moved to a new, larger location in early August. "We're actually only 400 meters away from our old location," says Pedro Bernardo, Director of the Tebis office in Marinha Grande in the Leiria district. "Nonetheless, this move is very important for us."

Bernardo is justified in his pride – the new office spaces are open, bright and friendly with large glass panels and white walls. There is also space for a training room with eight workstations. "We see ourselves as a partner for our customers," explains Bernardo. "The focus is on long-term service and support. We want to provide an environment where people are comfortable and enjoy exchanging ideas." The committed Portuguese manager has more than succeeded in this goal.

Tebis Portugal invited visitors to its first Open House on September 11 of this year, only six weeks after the move. They wanted to show the new space to customers, partners, interested parties and "old" acquaintances, to present the new Tebis Version 4.0 and to celebrate the success of past years together. The 96 guests, which naturally included the interior designers and catering staff, were thoroughly impressed by the atmosphere and event program. Presenters included Dr. Thomas Wrede, Tebis AG Board member, Gerardo Müller, Director of Channel Sales and Carlos Coelho, a well-known brand manager in Portugal.

Video: Impressions from the first Open House in Portugal...


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