Tebis presented solutions for Industry 4.0 at the week-long Moulds Event

The 11th Moulds Event exceeded expectations


Tebis was one of the sponsors of the Moulds Event. This is one of the most important events for the mold manufacturing industry, where key domestic and international companies from this sector meet to enhance synergies and to promote innovation and development. From October 1-4, roughly 1,100 participants took part in various events in the most important industrial centers in Portugal: Marinha Grande and Oliveira de Azeméis.


In this event of national importance, in which government representatives also participated, Tebis had the opportunity to present its vision for the future, key challenges and potential solutions in three separate areas: Technical seminars, rapid product development and the "Moulds Portugal" international conference. 

On the opening day of the Moulds Event, Tebis participated in the round of discussions on rapid product development. Company representatives spoke about the future of production processes and how Tebis – with its CAD/CAM and MES software and its implementation and consulting services – is a significant part of the solution in terms of viability and competitiveness.
During the technical seminars in Oliveira de Azeméis, Tebis demonstrated how standardization can be a key factor for competitiveness. The time savings and cost reduction achieved by standardizing and automating processes were demonstrated using practical examples from the real world, presented in cooperation with Hasco and Creo. 
At the end of the Moulds Event, Tebis joined Hasco and Makino in the panel for the international conference, where the trends and challenges in the mold manufacturing industry were discussed. The event made it clear that the future is a digitized production environment in which up-to-date production data, communication between all participating systems, standardized and automated processes, efficient NC functions and simulation technology play a role. 

According to Pedro Bernardo, Managing Director of Tebis Portugal, "this year's event was undoubtedly the most successful, because the challenging international relationship and the changes currently taking place in the mold manufacturing industry were palpable." 

Portugal is the eighth-largest producer in mold manufacturing globally and the third largest in Europe. The critical importance of this sector was highlighted by the presence of government representatives at the Moulds Event. In the opening speech for the event, Minister of Economic Affairs Manuel Caldeira Cabral stressed that the mold manufacturing industry "has demonstrated a large potential for growth in exports, which has nearly doubled over the past ten years, and is therefore responsible for the creation of additional jobs and significant growth.“ Ana Lehmann, State Secretary in the Ministry for Industry, stated that the sector "is taking on a leading international role and is making the country very proud." Nelson de Souza, State Secretary for Development and Solidarity, affirmed that "the industry has brought the country much respect, because it represents Portugal on the world stage."

This 11th event, held in cooperation with Cefamol, Centimfe and Pool-Net, broke the previous records for participant numbers. The event attracted roughly 1,100 participants, 250 companies and 20 universities or research and development centers as well as 70 speakers from countries including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Morocco, the United Kingdom, the USA, Mexico and Japan.


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