Tebis Seminar "Focus on Leadership":

In a nutshell


Jens Lüdtke, Head of Tebis Consulting, has held the Tebis Management Seminar "Focus on Leadership" several times at the German Association of Tool and Mold Manufacturers (VDWF). Not only were the seminars well attended, they were also very well received by the participants.

With his practical experience and many years' work in the field of corporate strategy, Jens Lüdtke was able to convincingly present the importance of vision, mission and strategy. Another topic was the basis for successfully implementing a change process with motivated personnel. "Jens Lüdtke has summed it up in a nutshell, short and to the point," a participant reported. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, the seminar days focused on the specific problems of the participants, which Jens Lüdtke was able to address with valuable suggestions, as one participant reported. Seminars will also be offered in the coming year on the topic of "Focus on Leadership - Successfully implement changes with motivated personnel.

Focus on Leadership Seminar


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