Tebis turns heads at Turning Days


Turning Days is a highly specialized trade fair targeted at manufacturers of turned parts. Tebis presented a high profile at Turning Days, displaying its expertise as a process provider for combined turning, milling and drilling in the areas of drive technology, hydraulics, motors and gears. This year’s Turning Days took place in Friedrichshafen from February 14th to 17th.

Tebis software is especially well suited to single-part manufacturing of highly complex parts requiring precise coordination of multiple manufacturing techniques.

The single-system strategy has many advantages: All machining operations are linked to a single NC program. The current part is always automatically passed on from one machining operation to the next. Tools, machines and machining templates are stored in a convenient central location: the Tebis process libraries. The part can be produced in a single setup – ensuring highly precise manufacturing and fast machining.

For protected elements, Tebis checks during editing for potential collisions between the tool and the part, automatically reducing corresponding areas as needed. The proven Tebis simulation methods extend beyond individual tools: The virtual machine takes into account the entire machining space and all of its tool and machine components – including tool-equipped turrets.

Here’s one more benefit: The fully parametric 2D drawing and dimensioning tool can derive high-precision turning contours from 3D parts.

To meet the needs of a variety of applications, Tebis offers these special packages and extensions:


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