Tebis Version 4.0 Part 4

New Structure Cost-Effective at Every Performance Level


Tebis Version 4.0 opens up completely new perspectives with a clearly structured, ergonomic user interface as well as application-specific industry and special packages with performance levels and optional add-ons.

Tebis Version 4.0 is ready for delivery. Our customers benefit from a wide range of new functions and optimized performance features. The most prominent change is the completely revised user interface, which is modern, flexible and informative – and so intuitive that nothing stands in the way of a smooth start and transition. In short: Enjoy one of the most modern CAD/CAM user interfaces in the world. You can configure it individually to be as flexible and informative as you need for your processes.

High-quality. Specialized. Cost-effective.

We have also converted the Tebis application to a new product structure with staged application packages and optional add-ons. These offer you several benefits: Now you can better and more flexibly adjust the scope of Tebis to your tasks and requirements by cost-effectively expanding your Tebis workstations specifically for your needs. We have combined industry packages and special packages at different performance levels that can be individually supplemented with a wide range of add-ons from different technical categories. Industry packages are available for die and mold manufacturing, for mechanical engineering and for industrial design Special packages with application-specific functions are available for design, manufacturing, trim machining, laser cutting, turning and information with the Viewer. You can select the best performance level for your specific needs. You can supplement the available functions with add-ons for specialized tasks. Your benefits are clear: easily enter the Tebis CAD/CAM world, upgrade cost-effectively and benefit from the efficiency and security of a digital process that is optimized end-to-end.

Complete overview of new product structure


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