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Record visitors to Tebis Open House


On June 29 – 30, 2017, Tebis held its 14th Open House in Martinsried, Germany, and a record number of visitors attended. The focus was on more efficient customer processes and automation. Visitors also learned about software developments and the service competence of the process provider.

Tebis AG board member Bernhard Rindfleisch greeted visitors and was pleased with the increasing popularity of the Open House. About 600 German and international visitors showed great interest in the practical presentations and booths. The new format of this year’s Open House divided the booths into industry-specific process solutions and functional applications.

Current and future software developments

Significant performance optimizations were presented — for both current software functions and future developments announced for Release 5. These include faster NC calculation and improved response times. New add-ons for laser hardening and laser weld cladding are new and already available. Laser hardening is ideal for hardening highly stressed surfaces in a limited local area without reworking. Laser weld cladding can be used to repair minor damage and manufacturing defects. In the CAD area, Tebis presented hybrid technology that combines parameterized surface and solid design in initial applications. improvements in the current Release 4 — such as in 5-axis technology for machining standard geometries also drew great visitor interest.

Exciting practical presentations

The lecture program, which featured practical presentations and international guest presenters also attracted many attendees. Customers such as Odyssey Inc. (USA), Ford-Werke GmbH (Germany), Karl Walter Formen- und Kokillenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Modell- und Formenbau M.Reuss GmbH (Germany), Modelleria Brambilla S.p.a. (Italy) and Socem Group (Portugal) reported on the benefits of using Tebis applications in design, die manufacturing and the aerospace industry. They discussed how process optimizations and related concepts can be implemented.

The program was kicked off by Falk Visarius, head of Technology Design Models at Porsche AG. He discussed the procedures in his department, which has used Tebis since 2000. The environment where the software is used is highly dynamic and creative. Visarius emphasized that the geometric reliability of the data and the resulting models constitute true quality features in the design process.

Diedrich Diedrichsen, managing director of Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, explained how small-parts processes can be sustainably improved. A potential analysis by Tebis Consulting indicated that components could be prepared faster, template technology introduced, and parallel setup enabled. The company was able to significantly optimize processing by implementing these measures. Diedrichsen cites the well-thought-out analysis of the current situation from an objective perspective, definition of realistic goals, and stringent project management as the reasons for the successful implementation.

Focus on the customer

Strong process chains depend on a continuous exchange with technology partners and users. That is why the industry-specific booths primarily included partners from the machine, die and digitization system areas. They presented processes that have been successfully implemented with Tebis in the target sectors of mold, die and model manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.

Tebis consultants also answered many questions regarding technical and organizational optimization. They explained how professional process consulting and implementation can help manufacturers achieve greater efficiency, reliability and quality. They also presented the newly introduced management consulting service. Working with customers, Tebis developed a sustainable vision, reasonable concepts for the future, and specific corporate objectives to maintain competitiveness. Tebis Consulting has recently been recognized as a Top Consultant for 2017 and now ranks among the best consultants for medium-sized companies in Germany.




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