Tebis takes over ProLeiS business from ID GmbH

Tebis' position as a comprehensive process provider for Industry 4.0 applications receives a significant boost from takeover of ProLeiS


Tebis AG, a specialist for CAD/CAM process solutions in model, die and mold manufacturing with headquarters in Martinsried near Munich, Germany, has acquired business operations for the ProLeiS Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from ID GmbH, its partner of many years.

The acquired division will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of the process provider under the name Tebis ProLeiS GmbH. The two previous managing directors of ID GmbH, Dr. Klaus Dieter Born and Dr. Jochen Vell, will also remain in their current management roles in the newly-established Tebis subsidiary.  The Tebis ProLeiS GmbH management team will be rounded out by a third managing director, Robert Aulbur, previously Head of Strategic Sales at Tebis AG.

ID GmbH has developed an outstanding reputation in the German die and mold manufacturing industry with its software development and implementation competence. Companies in die and mold manufacturing use ProLeiS MES software to flexibly and effectively plan and control their organizational processes. Employee capacities, machine resources, materials logistics and deadlines are all planned and controlled,  manufacturing data is also managed. Tebis will take over all employees from the Erndtebrück and Aachen locations.

Dr. Dieter Born, founder and managing director of ID GmbH: "ProLeiS and Tebis Software have been continually harmonized and integrated over the past 19 years of cooperation. We are completely confident in the quality of Tebis Software. We also value Tebis' broad understanding of the industry and its extensive consulting expertise for automation projects in single-part manufacturing. Our product spectrum and that of Tebis complement each other perfectly. We are certain that we are taking the right step and look forward to our shared future."

Tebis is a market and technology leader in the CAD/CAM sector. With Tebis, customers design and manufacture high-quality models, molds and components efficiently and reliably. Teams of consulting and implementation specialists develop strategies for efficient and reliable CAD/CAM processes, which they implement at customer facilities.

With Tebis ProLeiS, the company is now expanding its portfolio with the organizational process structures for planning and controlling manufacturing projects.  Tebis AG has its own subsidiaries in Germany, other European countries, the U.S. and East Asia.

Tebis board member Dr. Thomas Wrede: "We have come to know ID GmbH and its employees as a reliable and expert provider who is also aligned with medium-sized companies, maintains the same values as we do and understands the customers' needs. We regard ourselves as ideal partners to expand our growth strategy and to further intensify the internationalization of our business."

Bernhard Rindfleisch, Tebis AG founder and board member, adds: "This takeover is not only an opportunity for us to work more closely with the expert ProLeiS team, but it also represents an important strategic step for us: With the takeover of ProLeiS business operations, we are more closely aligning Tebis AG with the requirements of Industry 4.0. The many ProLeiS apps now provide us with an even larger toolbox for implementing the optimization potentials determined by Tebis Consulting in the customer processes. "We are very pleased with the cooperation!"

Fig. 1: Bernhard Rindfleisch, Chairman of the Board at Tebis AG

Fig. 2: Dr. Thomas Wrede, Member of the Board at Tebis AG

Fig. 3: Left: Bernhard Rindfleisch, Chairman of the Board at Tebis AG; Right: Dr. Thomas Wrede, Member of the Board at Tebis AG

Fig. 4: Dr. Klaus-Dieter Born, Managing director at Tebis ProLeiS GmbH




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