Tebis and ProLeiS at AMB 2014

Perfect planning means delivery on time


In close collaboration with its partner ID GmbH and their ProLeiS system, Tebis offers a complete solution for all work steps from a single source – from order receipt to delivery. At the AMB in Stuttgart, Germany, visitors experienced the end-to-end solution live at the Tebis booth.

To manufacture as efficiently as possible, you need a CAD/CAM system like Tebis – but that alone is not enough. Tebis understands design, NC programming and manufacturing as an integrative component of a comprehensive process chain from order to finished product. In addition to its powerful CAD/CAM system, Tebis also offers extensive data management, manufacturing planning and
control functions in collaboration with ProLeiS on request.

The demands on planning and controlling in single-part manufacturing have never been as high as today. Manufacturers need to keep track of a large number of components, ensure outstanding timeliness and utilize their capacities without interruption. With Tebis and ProLeiS, optimal planning and execution are easy to realize – despite the individual requirements, complexity and dynamics of your day-to-day business.

Repetitive operations can be standardized
without losing flexibility. Up-to-date
data, planning documents and automatic
capacity balancing lay a solid foundation for viable decisions. Electronic supplier integration,
reliable parts logistics and optimized tool supply prevent downtime. Using the analysis and evaluation tools, you can detect issues early on and fully exploit all optimization potentials.

The combination of Tebis and ProLeiS systems is clearly in the best interest of the customers – because better planning ensures faster delivery and therefore provides a significant advantage in global competition.




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