The Tebis ProLeiS MES solution offers simple and convenient access to digital order control

Fast access to all relevant data improves your efficiency in manufacturing and therefore your profitability


Martinsried, June 20, 2018 – Tebis, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in model, die and mold manufacturing, is now providing corporate customers fast and easy access to digital order planning and order control. The Tebis MES approach paves the way to Industry 4.0 for its customers and supports efficient, on-time manufacturing. The two customized MES starter packages are focused on machine data acquisition (ProLeiS MDA starter package) and manufacturing data management (ProLeiS MDM starter package) and are cost-effective stepping-stones. Each package is comprised of software and services and is available now.

“In order to manufacture efficiently, you need quick access to all relevant data. Companies are aware of this basic requirement, and they also recognize the need to digitalize their manufacturing process. However, many are still shying away from the associated effort," says Robert Aulbur, Managing Director of Tebis ProLeiS GmbH. Aulbur explains: "However, we know from many projects with enterprise customers with a very wide range of orientations and market positions that it is easier to embark on the path to digital order control once the process has been launched and the customer experiences its immediate success. We have therefore bundled our many years of expertise in the form of two MES starter packages that enable manufacturing companies specializing in single-part production to get started quickly and easily in digitized manufacturing."

ProLeiS machine data acquisition/MDA starter package

The ProLeiS MDA starter package gives companies easy access to digital order planning and control, and they will be able to see its success right after installation. An integral part of ProLeiS MDA is a virtual manufacturing building plan, where integration of the machine controls, for example, visualizes the operating condition of your machines in real time with a traffic light system. Our user´s companies benefit from improved transparency of their machine utilization: Straightforward access to all key data – like current machine status, machine statistics, runtimes and faults – is available at all times. With this information, companies can perform long-term planning, respond quickly and ultimately increase their machine utilization.

ProLeiS manufacturing data management/MDM starter package​​​​​​​

The ProLeiS MDM package allows companies to efficiently and transparently manage their manufacturing data and related documents. The key is controlled, role-specific access to the data for all employees participating in the process. Tebis CAD/CAM and Viewer stations are integrated online. This gives users in manufacturing a constant, transparent and reliable overview of all current data, including CAD files, NC programs, NC documentation and other project-related data in various formats. Working with outdated files after changes have been made is a thing of the past – as is the tedious search for CAD files and other project documents.

Aulbur explains: "As soon as our enterprise customers recognize how simple and effective the first step to digital order processing is, most of them immediately take the next step. Once all machines have been connected and data management is running smoothly, elements like planning are suddenly thrust into the spotlight: for example, automated detailed planning on the single-part level. The digitalization of process steps like the on-time provision of materials and tools and the integration of third-party companies unleashes enormous potential and helps companies increase their profitability."


Machine data acquisition: ProLeiS provides an overview of the distribution and progress of production and downtime.​​​​​​​  (Image: Tebis AG)

Managing manufacturing data: All types of documents can be previewed in the ProLeiS document manager.​​​​​​​ (Image: Tebis AG)




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