Program 5-axis toolpaths with Tebis

    Quickly create fully collision-checked NC programs

    With Tebis, all multi-axis machining operations – including 5-axis simultaneous milling, 5-axis simultaneous avoidance milling, indexed machining or 3+2-axis machining with positioning axes – can be very easily planned and calculated with collision checking. Homogeneous toolpaths with low tool wear and checked for tilt direction are automatically generated. This lets you tap into the full potential of your valuable high-performance machines 

    Suitable for every manufacturing task

    5-axis simultaneous milling quickly produces high-quality surfaces as in no other milling method.
    In Tebis, you can program 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths for every manufacturing task – including roughing and finishing, face and side milling, radial roughing or multi-axis deburring. You can use modern high-performance tools such as HPC tools for adaptive roughing of deep cavities, circle-segment cutters for finishing and semi-finishing with large stepover or lollipop cutters for efficient machining of undercuts. 
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    Suitable for all machining operations.

    Even in the tight spots: Tebis always puts you on the safe side.

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    Precise simulation of the real manufacturing situation with all components.
    Tebis lets you check and correct the machining operation directly in the virtual CAM environment. The real manufacturing environment is stored with all components on a one-to-one basis in digital process libraries. This also includes the precise kinematics of your machines. Only collision-checked toolpaths are output. You can use the shortest possible tools for optimal cutting conditions.

    Program multiple-axis machining in the same way as for 3-axis machining

    The Tebis Job Manager with integrated NCJob technology represents the entire manufacturing process with clearly structured operating sequences and guides you logically through CAM programming. The procedure is similar for all programming tasks: CAM programmers who have previously created 3-axis toolpaths will also quickly feel at home programming 5-axis milling programs. All operating sequences can also be stored in standardized machining templates.

    White paper

    Multi-sided machining with positioned axes? Or do you prefer 5-axis simultaneous machining?

    Whether a part is to be milled simultaneously on multiple sides with the positioned axis or by 5-axis simultaneous milling always depends on the specific machining task, the complexity of the part and machine kinematics. 

    Are you still wondering whether machines for 5-axis simultaneous machining are even worthwhile for you? Or are you already using multi-axis machines and believe you can get still more out of your machines? Then you are not alone: According to a survey, 62 percent of those with multi-axis machines do not believe they are tapping the full potential of their machines.

    We have compared the advantages and disadvantages. Read our white paper. 

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