Measurement in the manufacturing process

    Your machining centers help make your processes more reliable and efficient. Integrate measurement tasks in your manufacturing processes and prevent quality issues, the need for reworking or even damage to your machinery.
    Results show: over 70% of companies experience errors like incorrectly clamped blanks that are not detected until during machining or components that have been unclamped even though machining was still incomplete*
    *) Survey of participants in webinar "Measurement in the manufacturing process"

    What you can achieve:

    Prepare measuring cycles in the Job Manager quickly and easily, and integrate them in the complete NC program. Because you prepare the measurement tasks in the CAD/CAM environment with the digital twins of the workpieces, clamping devices, machine etc., they are also collision-checked. As a result, many daily tasks can be performed on the machine with no further effort. 

    The right blank

    Before starting the machining operation, you can automatically check the size and orientation of the blank. The machining operation can be interrupted if the blank is outside the desired tolerance. This also ensures reliability for unattended operation of your machines.

    Correct part orientation

    Automatically correct part orientation with reference points and rotation at the start of the machining operation. This enables faster setup and manufacturing of the best possible quality.

    Tested quality

    Automatically check the dimensional accuracy of the part after machining. This allows for any necessary reworking to be done before unclamping the part. This reduces effort, improves quality and enables quality documentation. 

    You can benefit from these advantages and possibilities of your Tebis installation that are available for most probes and controls, even those that do not offer their own measuring cycles. 

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