Make the best use of high-performance complete turn-milling machining centers

    Tebis enables you to easily use machines with turning, milling and drilling functions. This spares you from machine changesand reclamping and reduces logistics expenditures on the way to the finished part. At the same time, you benefit from the greater accuracy in milling/turning, because the workpiece is turned, drilled and milled in the same setup. On machines with a primary and secondary spindle, you can automatically transfer parts and complete them on all sides without manual reclamping. Using all these options safely and efficiently to operate turn-milling machines with the least possible user intervention and monitoring is among the special strengths of the CAD/CAM process with Tebis.

    An end-to-end system
    Program all machining operations from end to end
    Collision checking
    Collision protection with virtual tool and machine models
    Material model
    End-to-end material model for calculating toolpaths
    Fewer setups
    Results in higher accuracy and less effort in planning and logistics

    Sample applications

    Tebis heart wheel rim

    This video shows turn-milling of a high-quality aluminum wheel rim with a heart in the hub. The heart wheel rim weighs just two kilograms and is created from a 20-kilogram blank with only two setups for turning and milling. 2-axis to 5-axis milling is used and virtual machine technology ensures maximum safety.

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    Spiral mandrel
    A typical example of a complex turn-milling operation in production machining. Many turning, milling and drilling operations have to be executed in high-quality steel – to the highest precision. The goal is always to obtain ready-to-install parts directly from the machine. Digital twins of all manufacturing resources help to ensure that this is achieved right from the start, even in small batch sizes.

    Functions and benefits

    Machining centers that can perform turning, milling and drilling can enjoy high productivity in manufacturing. However, the large investment requires high utilization . This can be achieved with a CAD/CAM process that precisely duplicates the real manufacturing environment.
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