Improve project management

Better order management in die, model and mold manufacturing

Small- and medium-sized companies are confronted with dynamic markets, shorter innovation cycles and increasingly complex requirements. Processing orders as efficiently as possible is therefore more and more important and has become a true competitive factor. A well-planned, monitored and controlled project ensures that you can manage your orders as expected by the customer – within the agreed time, budget, quality and scope.

Improve project management


Effective scheduling, finance and quality in every customer project:

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Factors in the introduction of project management by Tebis Consulting

In hundreds of consulting projects, Tebis consultants have seen that companies are confronted with weaknesses and problems in planning, executing and controlling projects. Most of the time, resource and capacity planning is too vague, customers submit unexpected change requests, unscheduled additional expenditures and conflicts are preprogrammed. To add to these points, project costs run out of control, supplier management is mostly suboptimal and the flow of information is unclear. The result: Project efficiency suffers and personnel lose motivation.

However, successful projects require no magic. Project management can be optimized. The following aspects are critical:

  • Improve internal and external communications
  • Detect problems and deviations from plans early
  • Standardize and structure project execution
  • Implement resource and capacity planning        
  • Motivate employees to take pride in their project work
  • Implement necessary project management tools

We support you in optimizing your order management with our expertise in your industry sector. We do not only assist you with an analysis and a concept; we also supply you with customized templates and procedures. Our offer includes training and personalized coaching. In our consulting projects, we don't consider the task to be completed until all the necessary measures have been implemented.

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