Automate the flow of information

Keep your focus on what's important

Always knowing what to do means: always being able to access the necessary information for the next step – whether you’re in the office or in the shop. Complete order documents, technical documentation and a good overview help you avoid requests for clarification, interruptions and errors. A smooth flow of information between departments is a prerequisite for efficient production. Tebis uses its expertise to create this foundation: We critically examine the processes in your organization, work with you to develop specific measures and apply proven tools and procedures.

Automate the flow of information


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From our consultation projects, we know that: Personnel are often not optimally informed, and this results in lost time due to requests for clarification and the potential for errors. An automated flow of information prevents this: By reducing expenditures and throughput times, it increases your efficiency and ensures greater cost-effectiveness. Your benefits from Tebis expertise:

  • Analysis of existing flow of data and information
  • Analyze procedures in affected departments such as Sales, Design, NC Programming, Mechanical Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Identification of affected personnel
  • Elaborate a concept for automated and low-paper flow of information
  • Filter out and evaluate tasks which help in the collection of information, and quantify the associated expenditure
  • Automation of process documentation
  • Define specific measures to optimize process chains


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