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    Seize opportunities instead of taking risks

    Do you want to keep your business running while maintaining social distancing? We offer extensive online services to help you accomplish this.

    Our teams are united by one overarching goal: We intend to stand by you as a strong partner, and we’ll do everything we can to also provide you with reliable online service and the best-quality consulting.

    Using Tebis in your home office

    We are not leaving our customers alone. We can help you complete your design and NC programming tasks in your home office if necessary.

    Because you can store your complete manufacturing environment as digital twins in Tebis CAD/CAM for planning, programming and simulation, you can also create programs from outside of your shop that are reliable and optimally matched to your machines.

    Please contact your area sales manager if you want to use your Tebis licenses in your home office outside the contractually agreed workspace for this purpose. 

    They will provide you with advice and support, also regarding optimizing your manufacturing environment for smooth order processing no matter where you perform your CAD/CAM tasks.

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    Planned webinars and online events

    More knowledge – more success

    We will offer a series of webinars during the next weeks. Take the chance to amplify your knwoledge.

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    Recordings of past webinars

    Overview of our recorded webinars.

    Process knowledge

    Stay competitive with key performance indicators

    In our free webinar, MES expert Felix Böning will show you how to record key performance indicators in MES software and how changes are available in cockpits in real time

    Webinar recording (German)

    Automated die manufacturing planning and control

    Learn how to quickly and reliably perform automated planning of your single-part manufacturing in a free webinar with our MES consultant Felix Böning. 

    Webinar recording (German)

    CNC simulator: Automated collision-free manufacturing

    In this free webinar by Tebis Product Manager Roderich Kulbach, learn how to optimize your manufacturing with the Tebis CNC Simulator, thereby laying the foundation for collision-free and automated manufacturing.  

    Webinar recording (German)

    Effectively automate 2.5D machining

    2.5D machining can quickly become a money pit – many different machining operations, many required tools and resulting tool changes. This can be offset with effective NC automation that ensures a fast and reliable route from the CAD data to the finished part.

    Webinar recording (German)

    Networked production − Hype or necessity?

    Learn from Reiner Schmid, head of product management at Tebis AG, the advantages and benefits digitalization and networking have for manufacturing.

    Webinar recording (German)

    Reliable manufacturing with digital twins

    Digital twins as a virtual image of the actually existing manufacturing equipment and processes are the basis for correct and collision-free NC manufacturing.

    Webinar recording (German)

    Technology knowledge

    Tebis 5-axis milling: Simple, fast and reliable

    In this webinar, we will give you a basic overview of the advantages of multipage machining with Tebis. We will also show you the major new features that have been added in Version 4.0 Release 6.

    Webinar recording (German)

    Improve manufacturing efficiency with high-performance tools

    In our webinar, we showed how you can benefit from modern high-performance tools such as HPC and circular segment milling cutters and how Tebis supports these tools. Exact virtual tool contours and the ability to combine all machining types and strategies as you wish ensure optimal results.

    Webinar recording (German)

    Automated multi-axis deburring

    The correct CAD/CAM solution can save time when deburring parts In our free webinar, we will show you how to quickly and easily deburr your parts automatically using tapered or ball cutters. 

    Webinar recording (German)

    Deep drilling made easy

    Tebis provides a simple and highly automated complete solution that can be used on both universal machining centers as well as special deep drilling machines.

    Webinar recording (German)

    Make the best possible use of high-performance machines for combined turning and milling

    In this free webinar by Tebis product manager Adrian Sussani, you can learn how to best use your machines for combined turning and milling with the right CAD/CAM process, laying the groundwork for fast and reliable manufacturing.

    Webinar recording (German)

    Tebis CAD: The dawn of a new era

    Tebis product manager Frank Hemmerling will demonstrate how you can use our new design functions to quickly and easily prepare your parts for NC programming. 

    Webinar recording (german)