General tips and instructions

    We are here for you!

    The current exceptional conditions represent a heavy additional burden for the traditional die, mold, and model manufacturing as well as production machining and is exacerbating the current economic crisis.

    Based on this, the Tebis Consulting team has prepared some information on topics that are currently of particular importance.

    We hope that we can support you a little in this way and would be pleased to have you contact us by phone or email.

    We are here for you!

    Tips and instructions

    Maintaining work routines and protecting employees

    Practical setup of home office workplaces for manufacturing companies as a quick measure

    Try to transfer work to the home office to the extent possible. Click here for more information on how you can use your Tebis workstation from home.

    Use modern communications media like Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business, TeamViewer, GoToMeeting etc.

    If none of these systems is available to you, use the free version of blizz (https://www.blizz.com/de). The benefit is that you can hold video conferences with up to 5 simultaneous participants and that the software or app works on all common devices (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.). Screens can also be shared, enabling each participant to also view the content of a screen. This helps you when discussing data, designs, presentations or similar items.

    In the event of problems installing additional software (e.g. due to a lack of credentials), web-based services such as Google Hangouts (https://hangouts.google.com/) can also be used. In this case no installation is necessary – calls are made from the web browser. However, the caller must have a Google account. The meeting partners do not have to be registered with Google. Video conferences with up to 10 participants are possible. A disadvantage is that screens cannot be shared.

    A study by US psychology professor Albert Mehrabian shows that up to 55% of communication is through body language. You should therefore use video conferencing instead of simple telephone calls whenever possible. Suitable webcams are already available for about 30€, such as the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 with integrated microphone.

    Reduce risks

    Organizational changes to reduce risks

    • Temporarily reorganize your departments. Divide your employees up into cross-departmental groups with multiple time shifts. In this way, if one person becomes infected or has to go into quarantine, only this group is affected and not the entire company.
    • For example, define an early shift and a late shift in design or CAM programming, and conduct shift handovers via the above communication channels or by e-mail.
    • Avoid overlaps between shifts and process handover in an online meeting, for example.
    • Avoid personnel changes between groups.
    • Avoid exchanging paper whenever possible. If necessary, scan relevant documents and send them by e-mail or store them centrally. Use apps such as iOS Notes  (https://support.apple.com/de-de/HT210336) or the free Microsoft Office Lens app (for iOS and Android).
    • Use the space you gain to increase the distance between employees in the rooms. Despite employees being present, try to conduct meetings via modern communication channels and reduce personal contact.
    • Consider the situation as an opportunity to try out digital communication tools and options, to gain experience with them and thus to achieve a more modern position for the future.

    Relief measures by the Federal Government

    Relevant aspects of the German Federal Government's planned relief measures for you as a medium-sized company

    Brief explanation: Employees and companies affected by the coronavirus will be relieved by a package of measures implemented by the Federal Government based on four strategic pillars. We have summarized the most important aspects and procedures of the first three for you. The complete official information from the Federal Government, in which the fourth measure – strengthening European solidarity – is also described, is available here.

    Flexibility of part-time compensation

    • If the company arranges for part-time work due to the worldwide cases of illness caused by the coronavirus, affected employees may receive part-time compensation.
    • Affected companies can have wages and social security contributions paid by the Federal Employment Agency. Temporary workers will be included in the future, and only 10% of employees have to be affected by part-time work for the regulations to take effect. 
    • Social security contributions for lost working hours will be 100% reimbursed.
    • Contact -> Federal Employment Agency (BA) Phone: 0800/ 4555520

    Fiscal liquidity support

    Fiscal liquidity support for companies

    The liquidity of companies will be improved by a series of fiscal measures. These include the following: 

    • The deferral of tax payments will be simplified
    • Advance payments can be reduced more easily
    • Enforcement and late payment penalties in connection with corona effects will be waived until the end of 2020

    The company should contact the responsible tax offices at an early stage to benefit from the relief measures.

    Billion-euro aid programs

    Billion-euro aid programs for businesses and companies

    • Companies will be protected by new measures with unlimited liquidity assistance. The existing programs for liquidity assistance will be expanded and made available to more companies, such as in the form of Federal Reconstruction Agency (KfW) and European Recovery Program (ERP) loans. Companies will have access to loans and guarantees from the state KfW bank via their primary banks.
    • Special additional programs will be established in the KfW for all affected companies. The German Federal Government will enable KfW to fund all programs. Companies can contact their primary bank or financing partner to apply.
    • These requests will be processed by the guarantee banks up to an amount of EUR 2.5 million. The Federal States or their funding institutions will be responsible for larger amounts. A request for a financing project for up to EUR 2.5 million can also be quickly filed free of charge via the financing portal of the guarantee banks.
    • In addition to the support measures by the Federal Government, the Federal States also have their own assistance and funding options in connection with the Federal Government program. Affected companies can obtain information directly from the "Hotlines for Companies" of the Federal States or the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

    Tebis AG services

    Tebis AG is also offering numerous services in these uncertain times. Our teams are united by a clear objective in these uncertain times: We want to continue to stand by you as a strong partner and will do everything in our power to continue to provide you with the usual service and the best possible consulting quality.