Adjusting the machine head approach angle

We have a 5-axis milling machine and would like to adjust the approach angle of the machine head, if possible, so that the first angle is positive. What's the best way to do this?

You can make any desired adjustments to the kinematics of a machine head in Machine Administration. The corresponding kinematics can then be selected via a machine configuration element in the Job Manager.

Here's how you do it


In the Machine Administration, select command "New kinematics configuration" in the context menu for the machine whose kinematics you want to change. The "Kinematics configurations" entry is created.


Highlight this entry. You can then configure the kinematics correspondingly in the right-hand area of the dialog.


For your example, select the "Positive" option in the "Orientation" selection list.


You can insert as many lines as necessary for additional configurations. This is done by selecting the "Insert" command in the context menu for the number in the first column. For example, a preferred approach angle can be defined for each head on machines with multiple heads.


Highlight an existing machine configuration element in the Job Manager or create a new machine configuration element.


See the tip Automatically exchanging machine heads to learn about creating new configuration elements. 


Click the "CNC options" button for the appropriate machine configuration element. The "CNC options" dialog opens.


Click the button labeled "Selection kinematics configuration." The "Kinematic configuration" dialog opens.


Select the desired configuration. Click the number button in the first column associated with the corresponding configuration.


Confirm your inputs. The corresponding configuration is then entered in the "CNC options" dialog.


Confirm your inputs. The corresponding kinematic configuration is now assigned to the configuration element. This kinematic configuration is then automatically used for the current and all subsequent NC jobs for this NC program.


Call up the context-sensitive help for command "New kinematics configuration" in the context menu for a machine in Machine Administration to learn more about kinematics configurations.

Call up the context-sensitive help for command "New configuration" in the context menu for an NC program or NCJob to learn more about configuration elements.


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