Creating guide curves on cutter offset surfaces

I want to machine surfaces using the "Curve synchronous" strategy. I specified two curves lying on the component as guide elements in my MSurf NCJob. However, the result did not exactly match my expectations. Why did this happen?

The path layout is always generated on a cutter offset surface. The cutter offset surface describes the traverse path of the tool midpoint and is automatically generated. In the "Curve synchronous" strategy, guide elements that are not on the cutter offset surface are first projected on the component in the tilt direction. They are then projected on the cutter offset surface in the surface normal direction. Therefore, the path layout generally deviates from the specified guide curves. This can have a negative effect on milling quality. You can create guide curves directly on the cutter offset surface using the "Create structure curves" function (NCPrep / Struct), which has been updated for Tebis Version 4.0 Release 3.

Here's how you do it


Select the "Create structure curves" function (NCPrep / Struct). The "Create structure curves" dialog opens.


Specify the tool and select the component surfaces.


Click "Next". You can now project the curves you want to use as guide curves directly on the component in the subsequent milling job.


Select the curve or curves you want to project in the "Curves" parameter.


In this example, we selected the "Offset" option for the "Target" parameter and the "Surface normal" option for the "Projection type" parameter.


Click "Apply". The curve is projected on the cutter offset surface. You now have the option to directly smooth and repair the curve using the "Create structure curves" function.


Check the curve for reversals and folds and repair them using the "Repair curves" function.


If necessary, smooth the curve using the "Smooth curves" function.


Confirm your inputs. The result is a smoothed guide curve projected on the cutter offset surface.


Select the created curve as a guide curve in the NCJob. Because the guide curves are already on the cutter offset surface, the path layout corresponds to the specified guide curves.


Open the context-sensitive help in the "NCPrep/Struct" function for more information about projecting and checking guide curves.


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