Designing transition-free pressure-surfaces

When I introduce stock allowances for pressure surfaces in my sheet metal die via the Allowances attribute, a step crops up between the contour and the defined offset area on milling. This has to be reworked manually in tryout in a very time-consuming manner. Is there an easier way?

Yes. Tebis provides the possibility of incorporating transition-free pressure surfaces in the design with the "ActSurf/OffsetS" function. This reduces manual reworking. It also results in a significantly better milling pattern.

Here's how you do it


Use the "Create parallel curve on surface" (Design/Cons/Parall) and "Modify surface layout" functions (Design/Top/Stamp) to create the desired transition area (see tip Creating parallel curves on free-form surfaces.

Red: Area with offset

Yellow: Transition area

Green: Area without offset


Select the "Create offset with smooth transition" function (ActSurf/OffsetS). The "Create offset with transition" dialog opens.


Select the topology and the offset area. The offset and rounded area are automatically recognized. Topologies do not have to be separated or created.


In the "Areas" area, mark the "Offset" entry and input the desired offset.


Select the "Recolor" and "Distance analysis" options, if necessary. The preview is displayed.


Confirm your inputs. The result is shown with the transition area.


The comparison between the original surfaces (red) and the created surfaces clearly shows the tangential transition between the areas. 


Open the context- sensitive help in the "ActSurf / OffsetS" function to learn more about creating transition-free pressure surfaces.


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