Displaying the last selection in the structure tree

I work a great deal with layer and filter structures in Tebis. If I now switch a specific layer to visible, for example, and then switch to the Filter or Set view, the last layer selection is lost. What can I do in this case?

There is a very simple trick for calling up the last selection again. 

Here's how you do it


In our example, the "Blank," "Finished part - prepared" and "Form" layers as well as well as the clamping devices are set to visible for the individual NC machining operations.


Switch to the Filter view and set any desired filters to visible.


If you want to display the last visible layer again, click the "Layer” folder. It is important that you actually click the folder symbol. The last selection is displayed.


In the context-sensitive help, open the entry "Work with Tebis/select element and display/the structure tree" for more information on how you can use layers, filters and sets. 


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