Easily create 6-sided blanks

We work with large cast blanks that only deviate from the CAD geometry in a few areas. I need a closed blank in Tebis so that all colliding contours can be detected in the collision check. Do I have to scan the entire blank to do this?

No. Tebis allows you to create a blank from six directions. Therefore, you only have to scan the areas that do not correspond to the geometry.

Here's how you do it


Create offset surfaces (orange) if necessary for planar surfaces.


Scan the areas that deviate from the CAD geometry.


Select the "NCPrep/BLANK" function (create blank). The "Blank" dialog opens.


Select the "6 side offset" option. Select the mesh and the CAD data.


Confirm your inputs. The system creates the blank for the entire component.


Use the "Design/Element" function if necessary to check if the blank is completely closed. "0" is displayed for the Boundaries entry. The volume is also displayed. If no volume is displayed, the blank is not closed!


For more information on creating blanks, open the context-sensitive help in the "NCPrep/Blank" function.


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