High-quality milling with dynamic slope angles

We program our NC programs for 5-axis simultaneous milling with barrel cutters. However, we have the problem of residual stock in complex geometries with tightly curved areas. What can we do in this case?

Tebis lets you select a dynamic slope angle for the tool. This is especially recommended for complex parts.

Here's how you do it


Open the STRATEGY dialog for the corresponding NCJob in the Job Manager.


Select "Dynamic" for "Slope angle".


Confirm your inputs. The slope angle of the tool is optimally adjusted to the geometry.
This gives you the full benefits of the barrel cutter: The cutter tip clears contour areas that have already been curved, while the circumference removes material more quickly on the flank.


These tools exhibit a long service life due to the uniform loading on the cutter surface. This further supports cost-effective manufacturing.

Open the context-sensitive help in the "Strategy" dialog for the MSURF function learn more about the slope angle.


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