Machining flanks more quickly with barrel cutters

We generally use ball cutters for 5-axis machining of complex geometries in hard materials. However, only a small portion of the ball cutter ever engages the material. A high milling quality can therefore only be achieved with a low path distance.

The "contour cutter" tool type has been available in Tebis tool management since Tebis Version 3.5 Release 8. Contours can be freely defined in this tool type. Barrel cutters can also be created in this way – they’re known as radiused cutters or parabolic cutters. The large radius of the circumferential surface engages a large area of the barrel cutter in the material. The path distance can therefore be considerably larger than for a ball cutter. Milling quality remains high.

Here's how you do it


Fist create a new tool of the desired type. This is done by selecting command NCBASE / TOOL in the "Module" menu. The tool management window opens. In the context menu for "Tools", select the command "New / Cutter / Milling tools / Contour cutter".


Construct the complete tool as usual.


Now select the complete tool in the NC program.


Increase the downfeed in the STRATEGY dialog. The part can be machined with a larger path distance while maintaining the same milling quality.

Generally, the following rules apply: The smaller the path distance, the higher the quality. This means that an even higher quality can be achieved with a contour cutter at a smaller path distance than with a ball cutter.


You should always manage all of your tools in an external library. This ensures that all personnel access the same library.

Open the context-sensitive help in the tool management dialog to learn more about managing and configuring tools.


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