Transferring user-defined settings

I have set up a user-defined configuration and workspace for myself in Tebis. Now there is a new release and my settings are not automatically transferring over. Do I have to set up everything all over again?

No. You can transfer your user-defined configurations, including workspaces, to new releases and versions.

Here's how you do it


For example, to integrate your user-defined settings from Tebis 4.0 Release 2 into Release 3, use the File Explorer to open C:\Users\Your username/AppData/Roaming/Tebis AG/Tebis V4.0 R2.


In the Tebis V4.0 R2 folder, select all the subdirectories (config, libraries, templates) and copy them to the Tebis V4.0 R3 folder (path C:/Users/Your username/AppData/Roaming/Tebis AG/Tebis V4.0 R3). Now all your user-defined settings are available in the new release.


If you only want to transfer workspaces or provide them to other users, you can export and import them separately as .wsb files. Do this by clicking "Standard" on the upper right and selecting "Manage". This opens the "Manage workspaces" dialog. Select the desired workspace and click "Export".


Learn more about your configuration management options by calling up the context-sensitive help for the "Manage workspaces" function.


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