Working with filters and multiple views

I have placed the element types of my part in layers in the structure tree. I would now like to clearly display all the features including plane surfaces, recesses and bores for machining the reverse side and the contour side. What's the best way to do this?

You can combine several layers using filters. You can simulataneously split the display window into up to four views. In each partial view, you can animate the particular part and switch any layers, filters or sets to visible.

Here's how you do it


Switch the layer with the elements, that are to be machined on the reverse side as features, to visible. In our example, these are the "Planar surfaces" and "Pockets" sublayers as well as the "1.A Drill" layer.


Now open the context menu for the "Filter" folder in the structure tree and select the "Add" command. A new filter is created.


Name the filter "Feature machining - reverse side." The layers that were previously set to visible are combined in this filter. Also create a filter with the desired layers for machining the contour side.


Now split the display window into two adjacent views. This is done by clicking the "Layout" button in the main menu (split layout into multiple views). The "Parameters" dialog opens.


Center the split point on the top edge of the display window.


In the left window, set the "Feature machining - reverse side" filter to visible in the left-hand window and set the "Feature machining - contour side" filter to visible in the right-hand window. Animate the views as necessary.


Place the split point in the top left corner to remove the split in the display window. If you place the split point in the center of the display window, the window is split into four views. 


In the context-sensitive help, open the entry "Work with Tebis/select element and display/the structure tree" for further information on how you can use layers filters and sets. 

​For more detailed information on splitting the display window into multiple views, call up the context-sensitive help for the "Layout" button in the main menu. 



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