MES ProLeiS 4

In this MES software training session, participants will work with ProLeiS 4.
They will learn about the user interface, creating plans and project structure in ProLeiS 4. Additional topics are pre-planning and productive planning of projects including capacity analyses and material procurement, working with outsourcing, logistics and controlling projects. Data management such as handling documents and importing third-party data are also covered, as are creating templates for planning and control.
Training measures for ProLeiS are offered individually and are customized for the implemented function scope.

Fast, goal-oriented introduction to ProLeiS 4.
The following topics are offered:

  • Basic instruction and data management
  • Planning basis & pre-planning
  • Productive planning & control
  • Logistics & incident registration

The objective is for participants to be able to perform all of the necessary activities in ProLeiS after this training course. Basic principles will be taught based on practical exercises; the trainer will address further questions.

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