Update training for Version 4.0 Release 6 and special training for 5-axis simultaneous milling

On the first day of the update training, users will learn about and use all relevant new features in Version 4.0 Release 6. They will also learn how the highest-performance and most modern tools from different manufacturers can be most efficiently used in practice. Keywords here are roughing with HPC cutters (high-performance cutting), roughing and prefinishing with HFC cutters (high-feed cutting) and finishing with circular-segment cutters.
The second day is devoted exclusively to the topic of 5-axis simultaneous machining. Unlike any other milling method, any surfaces can be created quickly and efficiently in top quality with 5-axis simultaneous machining on modern high-performance machines. It is often useful to also machine parts without undercut using 5-axis simultaneous milling. Every function in Tebis is tailored to specific applications. We will give specific examples to show which function is suitable for which application.

Tebis has made great strides in 5-axis milling in Version 4.0. Customers who already use 5-axis simultaneous milling in Tebis will therefore also benefit from this special training.


2 days
720 EUR


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