Generate, supplement and change surface models

Tebis add-ons from the design category are tailored to very special tasks in the industrial design process chain as well as in die, mold and model manufacturing. They are used to generate, supplement and modify free-form surfaces and lay the foundation for high-quality manufacturing results. You can easily expand your industry and special packages as needed.



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For convenient morphing of surface models over large areas in forming tool manufacturing, design and model and mold manufacturing. You can create a wide variety of morphing rules. The result is a surface model that has been quality checked and is deformed as desired. This add-on requires BREP Base.


  • Automated morphing of surface models
  • Large potential time savings
  • Reduced molds/tool Q loops
  • Reduced design costs in the event of modifications


  • Mixing and bundling deformations
  • Applying morphing procedures based on experience, FEM simulations or measurements
  • Differentially treating morphing and transition areas as well as unchanged surfaces
  • Specifying global deviation tolerances
  • Calculating at the touch of a button


  • Changing form to design
  • Introducing preload in plastic parts
  • Compensating for springback in sheet metal parts

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