Machining functions for every need

Add-ons from the manufacturing category are optimized for machining tasks that occur regularly in the process chains of die, mold and model manufacturing. These add-ons give you perfect manufacturing results and maximum process reliability. You can therefore very easily expand your industry and special packages as needed.



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You can use this add-on to program toolpaths for end milling. You can generate five-axis milling programs for parts of any complexity.


  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Efficient manufacturing with overall machining of complex geometries
  • Optimal use of ball-end mills, toroidal tools and HPC/HFC cutters
  • Best surface quality
  • Reduce machining time with large path distances
  • Collision-free manufacturing


  • Reliably and optimally machine undercut parts
  • Determine cusp height and surface quality
  • Easily optimize tool orientation with manual intervention options
  • Detailed analysis of tool orientation, enabling optimal planning of machining
  • Automatic avoidance strategies in critical areas
  • Continuously account for machine kinematics during NC calculation
  • Simulate NC program including machine and check for collisions
  • Parametric NC programming


  • Milling complex components across surfaces
  • Cost-effective and optimal surface qualities

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