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Add-ons from the manufacturing category are optimized for machining tasks that occur regularly in the process chains of die, mold and model manufacturing. These add-ons give you perfect manufacturing results and maximum process reliability. You can therefore very easily expand your industry and special packages as needed.



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This add-on is used to prepare NC programs for laser-weld-cladding systems. This enables the targeted application of coatings in modified areas with essentially no distortion. It reduces the required chip-generating reworking to a minimum.


  • Suitable for complex-part geometries
  • Smooth machine movement and optimal welding results
  • Weld cladding and milling in a single environment


  • Easily and intuitively create highly complex toolpaths
  • Automatically detect weld areas and numbers of layers with target/actual comparison
  • Create exactly equidistant paths in each layer
  • Automatically detect holes and other islands
  • Interpolate variably for smooth machine movements and optimal welding results
  • Simulate, display and avoid collisions
  • Directly control machines and robots with up to 8 axes
  • Manage technical data (material, laser power, temperature, powder, etc.)


  • Repair partial areas
  • Apply material in modified areas
  • Finish part areas

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