NC Automation

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Tebis NC Automation allows you to automate and standardize your processes in 3 to 5-axis NC programming. You can work faster without losing quality.

NC Automation


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You can use this add-on to edit standard geometries based on features, reducing NC programming and machining time to a minimum. Standard geometries are automatically detected and are assigned machining steps. You can work directly, reliably and quickly with variable machining rules. Automatic tool assignment monitors your actual tools in the shop and helps you reduce costs by using them preferentially. 


  • Standardized workflows
  • Automatic collision-free machining
  • Easy import of manufacturing information from upstream CAD systems
  • Automated transfer of geometry information through to the NC machine
  • Later adjustments possible at any time
  • Fewer tool changes in manufacturing
  • Effortless machine change is possible at any time


  • Automatically describe standard geometries as features
  • Automatically assign tested manufacturing sequences to standard geometry features
  • Fully automatic NC programming preparation 
  • Automatically assign machining tools
  • 2D and 3D data


  • Single-part manufacturing
  • Series production

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