Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance is an important part of every manufacturing chain. That's why the end-to-end Tebis solution integrates the testing of any parts or electrodes directly into the manufacturing process. Whether you want to measure your parts on milling or measuring machines with NC control or by hand – Tebis provides all the necessary functions. Manufacture quality. Right from the start.

Quality Assurance


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You can use this add-on to check the quality of the electrodes designed in Tebis. The manufacturing differences between the electrode geometries in Tebis and the manufactured electrodes can be analyzed based on collision-tested measurement paths. You can determine the offset values for the actual electrode and test the burn surfaces for quality. This add-on requires Measure Base.


  • Measure actual offset directly after electrode manufacturing
  • Real-time checking
  • Advanced detection of errors
  • Significantly accelerate processes


  • Perform target/actual comparison of CAD geometry and completed electrode
  • Direct measurement with integration via network with I++/DME protocol on an NC-controlled measuring machine
  • Indirect measurement by reading in a results file previously generated on a machine
  • Present measurement results visually and/or in tabular form
  • Output measurement results as correction values for the wire eroding machine


  • Ensuring quality of burn surfaces
  • Determining actual electrode offset

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