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We help smooth the way to good surface finishes. Wherever clay is used in styling, the Industrial Design industry packages help you achieve high CAD surface quality in record time. Accelerate your process throughput in this early phase of product creation and quickly develop forms from real models. Whether you’re reverse-engineering, starting from existing CAD models or you’re testing, repairing, modeling or generating constant-curvature class-A surfaces – we’ll support you with unique, proven methods and functions.

Industrial Design<br>Industry Packages


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We have what you need. We know your requirements and we know what the market expects. Your major advantage: Tebis provides you with the right solution with three versions of the Industrial Design industry packages. Start small and grow with your customers’ requirements.

Industrial Design Standard

Duplication: For classic reverse engineering of surfaces with a small budget. Best suited for quality engineers, measurement specialists, reverse-engineering and newcomers to CAD – as well as users who occasionally need to generate design surfaces with no specialized knowledge. A very special feature: You can generate both tetragonal surfaces as well as any trimmed surfaces. Expandable with features like interfaces with other systems.

Industrial Design Pro

Reengineering: For reverse engineering in design − with professional processing of scan data as well as comprehensive CAD functions. A very special feature: Curves and surfaces can be freely designed and included in the generated surface derived from the scan. Intended for design engineers and CAD professionals with stringent demands on surface layout and design quality. Already includes the scope of services in Industrial Design Standard. Expandable with features like automatic surface optimization.

Industrial Design Premium

Fairing: For the highest surface quality in design. Enables demanding styling of surfaces for direct continued processing in the CAS system. A very special feature: Curves and surfaces can be modeled and faired and included in the generated surface derived from the scan. CAS designers and modelers as well as class-A designers can quickly generate high-quality design surfaces. Already includes the scope of services in Industrial Design Pro. Expandable with features like surface morphing.

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