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The fast track to high-quality surfaces

We help smooth the way to good surface finishes. Wherever clay is used in styling, the Industrial Design industry packages help you achieve high CAD surface quality in record time. Accelerate your process throughput in this early phase of product creation and quickly develop forms from real models. Whether you’re reverse-engineering, starting from existing CAD models or you’re testing, repairing, modeling or generating constant-curvature class-A surfaces – we’ll support you with unique, proven methods and functions.

Industrial Design<br>Industry Packages


Your number for smoother surfaces:

+46 31 700 17 40 Further information

Key features of the Industrial Design industry packages:

  • Edit digitized data
  • Check surface quality with reflection lines
  • Reverse-engineer design surfaces
  • Change surface distance and segmentation by adjusting tolerances
  • Reverse-engineer surfaces to theoretical edges
  • Freely design curves and surfaces
  • Switch between reverse-engineering and free-form design of surfaces
  • Automatically keep wireframe and surface models precisely synchronized
  • Automatically detect kinks in wireframe and surface models
  • Check and repair surface quality
  • Fair curves and surfaces
  • Lossless replacement of data with design systems

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