Mechanical Engineering
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For demanding parts manufacturers

No matter whether you manufacture motors, gears, systems, power plant components, structural components or aircraft landing gear – the Tebis mechanical engineering industry packages provide the best solution for any parts manufacturing needs. You can quickly and easily prepare your parts for NC programming. NC programs are no longer generated at the controller, but rather directly in a specialized CAM system. You benefit from the high degree of software automation and can simulate all NC programs in a realistic manufacturing environment. Manufacturing becomes more reliable and more cost-effective. 

Mechanical Engineering<br>Industry packages


Could your mechanical engineering use some fresh momentum?

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We have what you need. We know your requirements, and we know what the market expects. Your major advantage: Tebis provides you with the right solution with three versions of the Mechanical Engineering industry packages. You can start small and grow with your customers’ requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Standard

The cost-effective introduction to the CAD/CAM world of series and small-scale manufacturing on 3-axis machines. For drilling and milling of complex prismatic parts from 2D and 3D data. Several functions are also available for roughing and finishing in 3D surface machining. NC standards ensure uniform quality. Expandable with add-ons like 2.5D Drilling and Milling Plus, 5-Axis Roughing, Feature Technology - Ruled Form and Lathe

Mechanical Engineering Pro

The optimal solution for manufacturing complex part geometries with slots and a large fraction of free-form surfaces on 3+2-axis machines. You can prepare 3D data for NC programming and structure it ready for manufacturing. This lets you make full use of the software’s high degree of automation and significantly simplifies manufacturing. The extensive CAM functions for drilling and milling prismatic parts and free-form geometries enable reliable, high-precision manufacturing of a wide range of parts. Add-ons like Lathe Contour Preparation, 5-Axis Curve Milling5-Axis Roughing, Programming with virtual machine

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