Student version

    Tebis training software for your career

    Tebis has been involved in education and research for years and collaborates with many educational institutions.  Tebis offers its CAD/CAM software for a nominal fee for educational and training purposes in order to promote (industry) young talent and support pupils and students.

    Prepare for your professional future and order the Tebis CAD/CAM student version for your continuing education. Get to know the extensive functions of Tebis live. Easily prepare for the tasks awaiting you at work.

    Get started in CAD/CAM now with the Tebis student version

    • The student version may only be used for educational and training purposes
    • Commercial use of the student version is prohibited
    • Users must be pupils or students and a valid student ID card must be submitted (copy)
    • Verification of the educational institution attended must be provided (stamp on order form).
    • A one-time feed of EUR 60 must be paid; there are no additional costs
    • Tebis provides the latest version of the software as a student version
    • The student version is a full version that’s updated regularly
    • The license is valid for one year
    • A free extension is possible during the educational period (on presentation of a valid certificate from the educational institution).
    • The maximum duration corresponds to the personal educational period
    • The student version doesn’t entitle you to support from the Tebis Support Team

    Would you like to work with the Tebis student version? Just download the order form:

    Fill it out completely and send it to us by fax, email or post. The necessary address data are given on the order form. Then all you have to do is check your mailbox. As soon as you receive mail from us, you can get started.


    Once you’ve ordered the Tebis student version and completed all the formalities, we will send you the installation media and access to the Tebis download portal. To make the subsequent steps as easy as possible for you, we prepared a document with information to help you get started quickly. Download the pdf here: