Laser Cutting

Efficiently and reliably machine sheet metal

The Laser Cutting special packages are independent, automated NC programming solutions with integral collision checking. The packages include typical Tebis functions for geometry analysis, NC preparation of curves and surfaces, NC programming and for simulating toolpaths. Tested tools are available to standardize your processes.

Laser Cutting


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Exactly what you need. We know your requirements, and we know what the market expects. Your major advantage: Tebis has the right solution for you, with three versions of the Laser Cutting special packages.

Laser Cutting Shopfloor

A cost-effective package for 5-axis laser cutting of sheet metal parts with curve analysis and preparation functions. Especially suitable as a second workplace in the shop to optimize previously generated programs, such as changing approach or machine properties. This package keeps you flexible in your process Expandable with add-ons like Digitized Data processing, Robot Kinematics, interfaces to other systems and your own Data Management add-ons.

Laser Cutting Standard

The fully equipped workstation for laser cutting of preformed sheet metal parts – with automated offline NC programming. Extensive analysis, design and preparation functions for curves and surface geometry are available. You can standardize your programming work with tested tools and protect your machines and tools with simulated collision checks. You can run calculations in the background and design items such as setup devices in the foreground. Includes the scope of services in Laser Cutting Shopfloor. Expandable with add-ons like Surface Design plus, Surface Optimization - automatic, NC Geometry Preparation and5-Axis Curve Milling.

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