Manufacturing-ready design

The Design special packages are the cost-effective solution for special design tasks in your CAD/CAM process chain. They lay the foundation for reliable, automated and cost-effective manufacturing. You can also import data from other systems, analyze geometry, repair models and supplement them with wire-frame and surface geometries. In floating environments, it’s easy to use the Design special packages in combination with shared add-ons such as in reverse engineering or surface morphing.



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Exactly what you need. We know your requirements, and we know what the market expects from you. Your major advantage: Tebis has the right solution for you, with two versions of the Design special packages. You can start small and grow with your customers’ requirements.

Design Standard

The cost-effective workstation for reading in CAD data and manufacturing preparation for subsequent Tebis NC processes. Expandable with add-ons like Surface Optimization - manual, Surface Modeling, Electrode Preparation and Feature Technology - ruled form.

Design Pro

The workstation for the entire Tebis surface technology. Ideal as a platform for reverse engineering and surface morphing, for efficient preparation of demanding standard and free-form geometry for automated NC manufacturing. Automatic and manual correction and optimization functions enable surfaces to be quickly brought to top quality. Available add-ons include Digitized Data processingSurface Design plus, Die Surface Preparation,  Feature Technology - free form,  NC Geometry Preparation, Reverse Engineering - classicReverse Engineering - design, Surface Modeling and Surface Morphing.

Design Premium

The high-end workstation for special tasks in active surface and NC preparation in die manufacturing. You can prepare high-quality meshes and benefit from the advantages of associative surface technology in reverse engineering. Automatic and manual correction and optimization functions enable surfaces to be quickly brought to top quality. The Premium workstation can be expanded with specific functions, such as Lathe Contour Preparation, NC Point Generator - surface measurement and NC Point Generator - electrode measurement.

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