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    Turn-milling machines – safe and simple operation

    14.11.2023 09:30 - 10:30 o'clock | Online, Webinar

    Turn-milling machines offer the manufacturer numerous options up to and including fully automated 6-sided machining. This makes them complex to operate, which can result in errors. Learn how you can operate these machines easily and safely.

    The webinar will be in German.


    We answer the following questions in this webinar:

    • What makes precise digital twins the solution to enhanced safety?
    • What are the benefits of combining drilling, milling and turning in a single machining process?
    • Can I still use the practical NC cycles and machine strategies in CAM processing?
    • How can I reduce downtime and setup work?
    • How can I manufacture top-quality complex parts with no scrap and a high degree of automation?

    Your agenda

    • Why turn-milling is efficient and precise
    • Select precise virtual machines in the process library
      • Fully represent machine operations like traverse and retract movements
    • Simple setup
      • Set up virtual machines with any units
    • Easy, automated CAM programming
      • Easily generate continuous, combined drilling, milling and turning programs
      • Template-based CAM programming in the Tebis Job Manager
    • Simple programming of complex machine processes
      • Example: cutoff with part transfer
      • Individually configure machine behavior as desired
    • Easy learning curve

    Thomas Failer, Technical Support
    Christoph Brückner, Key Account Manager


    9:30 a.m. on November 14, 2023

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    Tip: We'll have another webinar on this topic on November 07, 2023, that covers many of the economic and organizational aspects of business and production management:

    Turn-milling – efficient and precise