We’re bringing Tebis 4.1 update training to you

    Tebis 4.1 regional update training 

    Tebis AG will be expanding its training locations to include the Leipzig and Cologne/Bonn areas in Germany for a limited time. "We are bringing Tebis 4.1 update training to customer areas that are further away from our current training locations," says Stefan Armbruster, Head of Implementation at Tebis AG. "We see this as an additional service. We are going to meet our customers."

    Customers from these additional regions can save on travel time and costs and possible accommodation costs. They can also benefit from other discounts for Tebis 4.1, such as the Tandem Bonus, Immediate Discount or combination with an implementation offer.

    Another benefit: Classroom training in groups is possible again. And many participants as well as the Tebis trainers appreciate the face-to-face interactions. The informal interaction - such as in the Tebis exercises and casual conversations during breaks - creates a relaxed and productive working environment.

    "Of course, you can still book online training courses. But virtual learning is not for everyone," stresses Armbruster. Participants confronted with an unfamiliar learning situation often feel insecure and are easily stressed. "In this case, following the new material with full concentration at the same time compromises the long-term learning effect."

    The regional update training courses are limited to four dates in September. In three training days, ten participants each will learn about the new features of Tebis 4.1 R1 and R2 in small groups. They will then be able to work directly with Tebis 4.1 and take advantage of its benefits: faster part preparation, faster programming, safer on the machine. 

    Key dates for regional update training courses:
    • 4 dates in September 2021
    • Leipzig area: H+ Hotel Leipzig-Halle in Landberg OT Peißen
    • Cologne area: EURO PARK Hotel in Hennef
    • 3 training days 
    • Maximum of 10 participants per date
    • Tandem bonus and immediate discount possible

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