British sports cars – High-gloss surfaces at top speed

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    The production of milled high-gloss surfaces is a frequent requirement in die and mold manufacturing. But what exactly is high-gloss, and how can surfaces be machined so that they no longer need to be polished for most applications?
    Companies dealing with these questions quickly come to the conclusion that there’s no sense in optimizing individual elements of the process. The milling result reflects all the elements: CAD surfaces, the tools and strategies used and the machine and its control. This webinar will show you how to combine all the elements for a result that's worth looking at.


    • What is high gloss?
    • CAD prerequisites for high gloss milling
    • Tool selection & machining strategies
    • Machine dynamics & precision
    • Effects of CNC control
    • Designing digital twins
    • Technical synergy effects: Software, machine and tools
    • Expert session, collaboration and knowledge transfer

    An event organized by:
    Aura Frästechnik GmbH
    Röders GmbH
    Tebis Technische Informationssyteme AG