Project management basics

Get off to a successful start in project management

The faster markets change and the more complex customer requirements become, the more important solid project management is for small and medium-sized companies. Only those who can process orders as efficiently as possible can remain competitive in the long run. The basis for this is a well-planned, controlled and monitored project: This enables you to process your orders within the specified timeframe and budget and in the required quality. This seminar provides you with an industry-specific introduction to the theoretical background and procedures and offers room for discussion.

  • Introduction to project management
    What is a project? What is project management? Why project management?
  • Project management in the die and mold manufacturing sector
  • Tasks and responsibilities of a project manager
    The importance of a clear division of roles
  • Theoretical structure of professional project management
  • Overview of additional topics:
    Risk management, quality management, communications, team building

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