Tebis process

    The seminar is designed for participants who don’t actually use the Tebis process solution themselves, but who want to know what’s possible. We’ll examine topics that include the following:
    What are the possibilities for making processes in your company more effective and productive – for example, using the Tebis process solution – in order to better prepared for the future?
    What effort is required to implement an optimal CAD/CAM or manufacturing process with Tebis? What prerequisites are necessary?

    Target group

    This seminar addresses managers, department managers, and managing directors as well as management trainees to help them prepare for their new role.


    • A look at the Tebis application: Specification and prerequisites for the individual modules/properties and their benefits; requirements and relationships between the different knowledge libraries/NC automation and template technology – benefits, prerequisites and limits
    • Tebis CAD/CAM as part of an overall process: The quality of the CAD data determines the degree of automation in the subsequent process/prerequisites for standardization, automation and paperless manufacturing


    The objective is to show you as a participant the possibilities for what an overall process can look like and what benefits result. Options are also presented for how you can successfully implement changes in your company and successfully integrate
    new processes

    Participants will obtain an overview of the Tebis process solution and its capabilities.


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