Efficient job preparation thanks to the Job Manager

At Jönköpings Modelltillverkning in Sweden, the search for the right manufacturing data is a thing of the past. Everything is now stored in a central database, the Tebis Job Manager. The Job Manager not only provides the correct NC code, it also increases machine run times and data reliability. Questions about how a specific problem was resolved in the past are no longer necessary.

Peter Larsson and Jonas Lundström at JMT ensure smooth production by storing setup information in the job manager.

Speed is essential in the shop. The setup person has to consistently make the right decisions at the machine to prevent production bottlenecks. The milling path has to be correct, the cutting depth has to be within tolerances and the material has to be the same as the last time. If important information is missing, others have to be relied on for support. But what if the colleague who has the answer is sick or on vacation? Or what if they don't even remember exactly how it was done the last time? Errors can easily result. "The machine operators need to keep a huge amount of information in their head,” says Larsson, a managing partner in the company. "It’s not very productive if only a few employees have all the key information and experience.” Especially in times of stress, specific manufacturing information is easily forgotten." That's why Jönköpings Modelltillverkning AB (JMT) decided to store all its relevant manufacturing data in a single central database, the Tebis Job Manager.

The advantages are obvious: The information is collected in a database, which helps manage production data more efficiently and eliminates numerous sources of error. "Our lead times are often very short, so it's important for us to achieve the highest possible machine run times. This is also the reason we chose the new method. With the Job Manager, our employees can again concentrate on what's important," says Larsson

  • Storing critical information

    For every machining step, all the important manufacturing information like component geometry, cutting data and toolpaths are stored in the Tebis job manager. The correct manufacturing data is always available in the database and no longer has to be searched for. This makes an important contribution to simplifying and automating production.

    "This way we can use the information efficiently, and our machines as well. It also gives our manufacturing processes a much clearer structure.” JMT's production customers come from a wide range of industries. The Swedish manufacturer's product spectrum is very broad, from casting models to stamping tools and prototypes. The database is an important support in cutting lead times. "When we get an order for a model we’ve made before, we just have to look in our database. The process is already stored there, and we can generate the NC code with the click of a button,” says Larsson. "Even if the customer changes the model after the fact, it's no longer a problem for us. We simply adjust a few parameters and generate a new NC code. Done."

  • Automated processes

    Automated processes ensure smooth NC manufacturing. Best-in-surface finish is guaranteed.

    Even the flow of information within the shop has significantly improved, thanks to the AutoMill® template technology. Employees are no longer dependent on the expertise of specific colleagues when similar jobs come in. They can quickly do the research themselves. Errors are prevented and a uniformly high quality level is insured. JMT was also able to reduce unproductive setup times. But the Job Manager is anything but static. On the contrary, there is a constant exchange with the outside world and new projects. "We are always entering new data and deleting old data that are no longer current. That keeps the information updated and current.”

  • Simulation boosts machine run time

    With the Tebis Simulator, we can precisely check all movements of the machine and the tools in advance for collisions and compliance with the machining area.

    In addition to the database, JMT has invested in a Tebis NC simulator linked to the Job Manager. With the help of the Simulator, it’s possible to plan machining work before production goes live. "The major advantage is that we can do a complete collision check of the entire machining process, with all relevant machine components, while digitally visualizing the machine’s working area at all times. This makes machining fault-free and ensures optimal utilization of time and resources.” In the past, action was needed when the cutter reached a limit position. This is a problem that occurs not infrequently in 5-axis machining operations. Especially in overnight operation, during the unmanned shifts we would have lost valuable time due to limit switch issues. With the help of the Simulator, we can study the work process ahead of time and avoid problems like this." Machine downtime can be prevented right from the start. This establishes the conditions for an efficient production.

  • Easier preparation of quotations

    Quotations are often time-consuming to prepare, and finding the right price for every request is a complex problem in this industry. But the job manager not only streamlines production processes, it also simplifies the preparation of proposals – because existing data can be reused for new proposals. "If the customer needs a price for a die, we can now quickly search for the NC code and determine the correct price." So the Job Manager benefits not only the engineer but also the entire company. It essentially works like a giant knowledge base. It combines all of the employees’ experience and knowledge, and sends the correct code to the machines. Since the implementation of this database-supported method, JMT not only produces faster – they have also been able to reduce their error quota and minimize the risk of incorrect decisions. This ensures significantly higher quality. The Tebis Job Manager increases the company’s productivity and makes it easier to face the competition.



With the Tebis Job Manager, our personnel can now return their focus to what's important.



Transparent manufacturing information in the shop


  • A database of central manufacturing data
  • Elimination of potential sources of error
  • Changes are easy to make


Model making


Jönköpings Modelltillverkning AB


Bankeryd, Sweden


Peter Larsson


Managing Partner



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