EMO Hannover

Building 25, Booth B03

09/18/2017 - 09/23/2017

Tebis is showcasing many exciting product highlights and new developments at the EMO trade fair, in booth B03 in building 25. In keeping with the event’s slogan, "Connecting systems for intelligent production," Tebis is also well represented in the booths of its partners. This cooperation is key for developing solutions that ensure reliable, efficient and high-quality metal manufacturing.

Significant performance boost in Version 4.0 R5 

With this version, users can significantly accelerate work such as machine simulation or working with tool sets. Thanks to extended parallel processing, NC programs for re-roughing are now calculated much faster. More...

Live manufacturing of an aluminum rim

A very special feature: The rim has a heart as its hub. Turning and milling a twelve-kilogram blank requires only two setups, with milling on two to five axes. The completed rim weighs just two kilograms.

New software add-ons: Laser hardening and laser weld cladding

Laser hardening can be used to harden complex steel and cast steel parts in a limited local area – without reworking. Laser weld cladding is helpful for repairing areas of workpieces – for example, in die and mold manufacturing. More...

Parametric associative surface and solid design

This technology makes the entire data-processing procedure faster, simpler and more flexible. It will be available as of Tebis Version 4.1 and will form the basis for many Tebis CAD/CAM applications. More...

Online interface to Zoller TMS tool management

With this interface, users can retrieve current tool data regularly in Zoller TMS via a web service. As a result, up-to-date information about tools is always directly available for NC programming and manufacturing. More...

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Hannover, Germany
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