CAM process structuring at Andreas Weise GmbH

Increased productivity with automation


Model and mold manufacturer Andreas Weise GmbH in Iserlohn, Germany places great emphasis on reliability, quality and especially adherence to deadlines. Over the past year, this long-term Tebis customer made fundamental changes in its process structures, relying on the competence of Tebis CAM process structuring – with success.

Before the process change, programming at Andreas Weise GmbH was shop-oriented and the Tebis CAM workstations were located directly at the machine. Now, programming is performed in the CAM office, enabling more efficient use of programming and machine capacities. NC-programs are prepared more quickly and with greater automation and there is also a program supply buffer. The machines continue to operate even if changes have to be made in a program, since the next program is already waiting to run. The initiative for this restructuring came from Tebis employees who were present for update training at Wehr and who noticed the optimization potential in discussions with Andreas Weise GmbH personnel.

The Tebis process structurers optimized the libraries in Tebis and set up templates in the 3-axis and 2.5D areas based on typical customer components, defining the corresponding processing sequences including appropriate machines, tools and materials. And of course they enabled on-site personnel to continue making their own templates based on these examples. Managing Director Andreas Weise is convinced: "The expenditure was worth it. Our CAM programmers can now concentrate fully on their work, and they are much faster than before thanks to automation. We are using our machines more effectively and have become considerably more productive."


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